Large Format Printing

We bring you over 50 years of graphic arts experience in this specialized field, and have a highly knowledgeable team you can talk to about your project- from large posters and vinyl banners to environmental graphics and wall murals. We take pride in our Chicago craftsmanship, and guarantee your satisfaction. When you want your large format printing done perfectly- and on time, every time- connect with us!

Our large format printing department includes a complete pre-press unit, wide format printers of up to 60″ printing width, and a complete finishing department for laminating, mounting and cutting. We have the skills, the systems, and the capacity to turn your project, regardless of size, around quickly and affordable.

We are large enough to have the right people and equipment to satisfy your project requirements. We are small enough to give your job the personal attention it deserves, ensuring it is done right.IMG_6993

For more information about our Large Format Department, please contact us (312) 829-7800.

Frequently Asked Questions

What material can GIC print on?

The variety of printers we have allow us to create Graphic Image (GIC) prints on nearly any material you can imagine: carpet, vinyl, mesh, vehicles, wood, metal, paper, glass, acrylic, fabric, and much more!

We offer many banner options to suit your needs. We frequently print on Gloss Scrim (most common), Matte Scrim, Mesh Banner, and Super-Smooth Banner. We also offer different thicknesses depending on the material offerings and your project specs. We can print double-sided on most offerings and even offer welding, cutting, and grommets as finishing options.

To accompany your printed banners, ask us about banner hardware like: retractable banner stands, pole banner kits, and other mounting options.

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Whether your project requires outdoor or indoor applications, temporary or long-term, we have the signage solution for you. We offer printing and finishing capabilities on many substrates. Commonly used substrates include materials such as Foam Core, PVC boards, Ultra Board (Gator Board), Alumaboard (aluminum composite), eco-friendly Falcon Board, and even Wood Composites.

We produce exceptional rigid substrate printing that will satisfy your project specs. We have the capabilities to print both White and Clear on almost any flat surface.

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Our Vinyl options will satisfy almost any application need. Ultimately, there are two different types of vinyl: colored, non-printable vinyl that is cut to the design intended on our Graphtech vinyl cutter (wide color variety); or the printable vinyl that is printed on and can be applied to almost any surface and can be cut to whatever size or contour-cut you desire. Another item that falls into the vinyl category is our “frosted glass” vinyl that is used for corporate office windows or doors. It serves as a unique, high-end visual addition to any window or glass door. Designs can be cut from this material to achieve the design you would like.

Regardless of your vinyl application, we’ve got you covered…or wrapped, whichever your project requires.

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